Alright, Fuck It, We’re Going to Texas

03/15/2011 2:48 PM |


I’m not sure what it means that on Tuesday afternoon, more than 24 hours before our plane is due to touch down in Austin, the mere thought of South By Southwest is already making me want to pull my hair out, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume it can’t be good. Knowing I’ll see tons of people I sort of know but definitely do not want to talk to gives me a headache. As does knowing that I will likely have to stand in lots of lines to get into shows, even though standing in lines is like, the one thing I’m worst at in life. And god, just the general Twitterishness of the whole thing… I don’t know if I can actually handle it. But alas! I’m going to try!

Starting tomorrow, Lauren Beck and I will be joining Mark Asch, who’s already there for the film portion, in representing The L ‘s editorial team at SXSW, running from show to show for four days while also catching as many basketball games (Buckeyes! Redmen! Red Storm!) as we can and buying as many records as we think we can fit in our suitcases on the way home. We’ll be tweeting our hearts out all day and night, sometimes about music, but mostly about salsa and/or how much our feet hurt. If that sort of thing sounds appealing to you, and really I don’t know why it wouldn’t, then by all means follow along. We’ll be blogging a few times a day too, and we promise we won’t do any of those awful daily recap things: “I woke up so hungover, and then I went to… and then it was off to… and then i got turned away from… and then….” Hate those.

So yeah, we’re going to Texas.