Brooklyn Bridge Park To Become Barclay’s Bridge Park?

03/08/2011 1:07 PM |

Brooklyn Bridge Park selling naming rights

As we’ve mentioned before, Brooklyn Bridge Park is hella-expensive, and plans to help foot its $16 million annual maintenance fees have included building condos, a hotel, creating a neighborhood tax and forming a business improvement district, but now the city is entertaining a plan to sell naming rights for attractions inside the park.

So, no, the park itself will never be called anything other than Brooklyn Bridge Park, but there could be a Junior’s Playground, Ikea Kayak Launch, Barclay’s Basketball Courts, and so on. NY1 and the Post explain that this would be a first for New York City parks—although plenty have plaques acknowledging some corporation’s sponsorship of their maintenance or renovation. The closest precedent is Chicago’s Millennium Park, which has things like the “BP Bridge,” and whose corporate naming campaign helped fund almost half of the fancy-pants waterfront park. (Of course, now they have a beautiful bridge branded by globally detested BP, so there’s that.)

This part of the Post piece is beautiful:

Judi Francis, who heads a grassroots group fighting to keep condos out of the park, doesn’t like the corporate-sponsor model any better. “Why does Brooklyn have to sell its soul so that struggling businesses can improve their image?” Francis said.

Why, indeed, Judi. (Brownstoner)