Brooklyn Kickball League Kicked Off McCarren Park Field?

03/15/2011 4:03 PM |

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So, clearly, this is kickballhating, “crypto-jocks” coiner Jonny Diamond’s turf, but shucks: because seeds planted at Gilroy Field in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park in November didn’t germinate, the Parks Department is having to re-seed the field this month, which will displace a high school baseball team, a high school football team and the post-collegiate Brooklyn Kickball League.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the kickballers could face a significantly shortened season as a result of the field closure, unless they can find new turf on which to perform their gym class mating rituals. If not, their season wouldn’t start until July—rather than the usual April.

More importantly (or less, according to the BP), the Automotive HS football team (only recently able to play home games) and the Van Arsdale HS baseball team will have to relocate their seasons if the seeding goes ahead, which seems very likely.

Brooklyn Kickball League Commissioner (seriously?) Kevin Dailey started a petition against the evil grass planting, calling the potential park closure “inappropriate” and “unnecessary” for an over-used park headed into its high season. I’m picturing shiny spandex-clad kickballers chained together, blocking seed-planters’ access to the field in non-violent protest.


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  • Something tells me that this commissioner is not petitioning out of the goodness of his heart. Perhaps a half season means half of the $$ commission. Unless folks are seriously what a bunch of young adults are going to do with themselves when they should be playing could clean kickball . . .

  • this isn’t ZOG sports or some other lame, homogenized league devoid of any character. this is a homegrown, labor of love which has become a staple of the neighborhood and the summer for 30+ kickball teams (comprised of 20+ people on each) for the better part of a decade. if you want to “hate on” kickball, go right ahead, but please don’t trivialize what shutting the only major park in the area down in the summer months means to the community.

  • the park is a mess and needs to be repaired. It should have been done last year. While it certainly sucks to have a big part of that park tied up in re-seeding, I think it had to be done. I supposed the Parks Dept could wait until Kickball is over in October to start but you run the risk of hitting crappy weather again and the grass won’t take. If that happens we are here again in 2012.

  • The fact that you had to use a WAKA kickball for your photoshoot tells me you aren’t close with anyone who plays in the Brooklyn Kickball league (separate entity). Try talking to the community before you write.