Brooklyn Navy Yard Developer Fired Following Bribery Arrest

03/21/2011 11:28 AM |

Who will build this now?

  • Who will build this now?

While some parts of the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s ongoing redevelopment and nascent gentrification are zipping along, others can’t seem to catch a break. The Timber Shed is going to collapse any day now after bureaucratic ineptitude led to its irreparable deterioration, and now the Brooklyn Paper reports that the project to build a supermarket right behind it has lost its developer.

The $60 million project to build a ShopRite in the Brooklyn Navy Yard where Admiral’s Row currently (barely) stands was handed to Aaron Malinsky and his development group PA Associates. But Malinsky was among the seven taken into custody along with state Senator Carl Kruger when an FBI investigation into bribery scandals surrounding controversial Brooklyn real estate developments led to arrests on March 10.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation tells the BP that the investigation and search for a new developer won’t delay the project, which heads through a public review process in the coming weeks. The Navy Yard project is not one of those mentioned in the federal investigation, which mostly concerns schemes surrounding the Four Sparrows Retail Center and the Canarsie Plaza Shopping Center. That said, it’s not clear whether or not ShopRite will remain as the main tenant on the supermarket project once the new developer is named, which won’t happen until the public review process is completed. Maybe just spend the $60 mil on saving Admiral’s Row?