City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival Ends with “Nonexistent Hot Chocolate”

03/01/2011 3:19 PM |


Just kidding, but seriously: if you know what yesterday’s mystery flavor was supposed to be, I’d love to know. I took three separate trips there today, and unfortunately it never materialized. At 8, I was told to come back at 9. At 9, I was told 10, and at 10 I was told “sometime this afternoon.” Alright, fine, but sadly I don’t have the entire day to wait around for whoever’s late with the good stuff to get their act together. Perhaps this isn’t the case with the residents of the Flatiron, but hell, what do I know? I schlepped over here in the wee hours of the morning from Crown Heights.

Anyway, that’s enough ranting and raving about my silly First World hot chocolate problems. Fortunately, the kind folks behind the counter offered up some of the regular milk chocolate flavor instead. Resisting the urge to give them the most frightening of all stank faces and storm out of there in frustration; I accepted their offering (with pretzel croissant) and sat down.

Oddly enough, this plain milk chocolate hot chocolate was the best of the flavors that I sampled this month. Unlike some of the others, it wasn’t sickeningly sweet (yet awesome) to the point in which whoever drinks it feels like they’re slipping into what I’ve come to recognize as the beginnings of a diabetic coma. It’s just right; not too liquid-y—though you can definitely taste the whole milk in there—and not too sweet and chocolate-y either. I’d be bullshitting you if I said that there was anything mind-blowing going on in that tiny cup, but that’s okay. It is what it is, and it was just right for sipping while hoovering up the remains of my croissant (with my mouth) before making my way back to the office. The festival will certainly be missed, but fortunately the best flavor is available every day, year round.

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  • The flavor was polar bear meets chinese cinnamon (or something along those lines) – it tasted like liquid rice pudding – it was good but a cup of it was more than enough. I enjoyed it but also found myself wishing I had gone for the regular old chocolate.