Designer Mina Stone Cooks Up a Versatile Fall/Winter Collection

03/15/2011 12:15 PM |

Mina Stone

Fashion designer and part-time chef Mina Stone might be perfect. She uses only natural fabrics for her collection, and she even finds a way to incorporate her cooking into her clothing: the silk pieces are dyed with lentils and rice, which give the pieces texture and depth while retaining their natural beauty. Mina is humble but hopeful, sweet but genuine—and ridiculously talented.

For the past few seasons, fashion has been really dark, for lack of a better word. Even in the warmer months, designers have presented us with pieces that are very stiff and mechanical; and it seems that the only alternatives are 1960s-style femininity, which can get costumey if you’re not careful, or the overload of 70s bohemia, which gets boring if you’re not careful. Mina’s collection is romantic and architectural at once, and one might think that the pieces derive from some long storyline, but Stone says that it started from something really organic.

The pattern for each garment comes from either a circle, square or oval. One of the most beautiful pieces from the collection was one that Mina wore herself, a floor length navy blue dress. While this is her fall/winter collection, I couldn’t help but think that the pieces, with the exception of the two coats, were season-less. The color palette consisted of shades of grey, blue and white and the gorgeously draped dresses and jumpsuits can transition easily from fall to summer and back to winter.

It seems that amongst all the celebrity brands and the high end diffusion lines that give you complicated styles with much less love, there’s someone still working hard with breathtaking results. My faith in the fashion industry has officially been restored.

(Photos by Dana DeCoursey)