Greenpoint Rejects Bazaar, Asks Williamsburg to Keep it Down

03/31/2011 8:58 AM |

NOT HAPPENING. Go have fun in Manhattan or something, you darn kids

  • NOT HAPPENING. Go have fun in Manhattan or something, you darn kids

If you want something not to happen, try doing it in Greenpoint. Months after a proposal to build a homeless shelter—rejected by NIMBY residents who said the neighborhood already bears a disproportionate number of unwanted city services—fell apart, the folks at Greenpointers report that the community has also rejected plans for a summer bazaar.

The brainchild of Aaron Brodou, Brooklyn Night Bazaar was envisioned as a flea market slash concert series, where visitors would find vintage duds, local foodstuffs and neighborhood rock bands in a vacant lot on West Street on weekend nights. Brodou raised $8,000 on Kickstarter, and had begun reaching out to concert promoters, the New York Post reports. But the local naysaying kiboshers weren’t interested. “The idea [did] not have any real local support,” Councilman Steve Levin told the paper, “and would have a serious impact on the surrounding neighborhood.”

The Post reports that the vacant lot was in the middle of a light manufacturing area, but also near “some of the neighborhood’s most stately residential streets…Greenpoint’s only historic district.” At a recent meeting, one person who lives near the lot testified, “I work weekends and it would have affected my sleep.” Yeah, just because you live in New York City doesn’t mean you should get to make noise in an industrial area on a Saturday night. Somebody might be sleeping.

Park Slope residents are also in the midst of a struggle to stop a new bar from operating late on the weekends. Brooklyn used to be the place cool young people went to live, but that was so ten years ago—all those people got old, and now they just want you to be quiet and leave their kids alone.


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  • A giant empty lot 1000 feet out in the river and another 1000 feet from the nearest home is is still too close for these idiots. Garbage piles and weeds are what they prefer in their little enclave of the world. Sorry guys, next stop, 50 story towers with “yuppies” try yelling about that! Much better than a flea market.

  • Hmm…

    Sounds like they need some

  • This is a pretty snarky blog post that shows how little regard those who write this magazine have for Greenpoint. Your contempt could not be clearer. Have you actually talked to ANY people (like myself) who live near the area where this bazaar was proposed? I was actually pretty excited about the way this was first pitched, but when it started to turn into a weekly music festival and seemed poorly organized to boot, I turned against the idea. The person who wants to start this has trust-fund backing and doesn’t know anything about organizing an event of this scale. Had he taken some time to think about garbage removal, noise control, and security, he may have had community support.

    But yes, you don’t live here and I doubt you went to any of the community meetings, so your blog post is pretty much meaningless and biased, and a waste of time.

  • I’m going to have to agree with Greenpoint Based. Just because yippee you wanna have fun, without any regard to your environs? Doesn’t make you a Kickstarter Genius. It just means that you really don’t care, that your idea rocks (in your mind), and that anyone standing in your way stinks.

    I see this all the time in Williamsburg — people love to visit, consume, drop their trash, vomit on the street, fight, shout, and have a yahoo-hootin-n-hollerin good ol’ time. And then? Go back to where they live, their sanctuary.

    There’s something to be said about running stuff by the community and community groups. If its something you really want to do? Find a place where it won’t impact harshly. I suggest a floating flea market with bands on the gowanus canal. Man up!

  • Thanks to Greenpoint Based for a valid comment. If well-planned and executed, I’m one Greenpoint resident who thinks the Bazaar could be a fantastic use of that space. If it’s short on those important details, though, maybe the plan should bake for another year and try again when the planners can step back and work out some of the kinks. Also, Henry Stewart, I’m not 23 anymore, but I don’t think I’m old and I don’t have kids. What I love about Greenpoint is that there is such a vibrant collection of local eateries, bars, and shops. But we’re not so consumed with being cool to lose sight of the neighborhood being livable. I don’t see what’s so wrong with that.

  • Local Greenpoint residents lets keep moving Greenpoint forward, please attend a meeting Tuesday night April 5th at 261 Driggs regarding Greenpoints homeless. The city plans to open a citywide shelter in Greenpoint while the residents of Greenpoint want a shelter for GREENPOINT homeless not for city wide. Please lets speak up for something that really affects lives, please attend the meeting Tuesday.

  • Here’s a decent article about the situation from a REAL reporter:…

    Love, Greenpoint Based

  • @ Greenpoint Based
    It’s not actually all that hurtful to tell a blogger that they’re not really a REAL reporter when they are, in fact, a blogger, rather than a reporter.

  • @ Greenpoint Based: that article still makes it seem like “about 20” people showed up, sounding cranky and slightly crazed, and they wound up getting their own way anyway. Get a sense of humor.