Hawk Terrorizes Fort Greene Pigeon Population

03/22/2011 4:24 PM |


Fort Greene resident Adam Green (no relation) woke up Saturday morning to find a hawk on his porch, lording over its pigeon kill. Green sent a photo (right) of the raptor and his catch to The Local, which noted that the hawk has been spotted around Fort Greene before—in fact, this isn’t the first time he’s been photographed with a pigeon in his talons.

On a Bay Ridge stoop a few years ago, I saw a hawk with a similar catch, and the two were swarmed by cameraphone-wielding gawkers. The hawk ate up both the attention and its quarry. Hawks, obviously, are vain.

This “will pose for photos with pigeon” bird isn’t the only hawk attracting local attention. The Park Slope Patch recently reported that a rare Cooper’s Hawk made a home base of the Prospect Park lake this winter, his sight a welcome change for bird watchers bored of the usual red-tails. Park Slope, why does what you have always have to be nicer?

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