Hear a Track from Thurston Moore’s New Beck-Produced Solo Album

03/22/2011 4:00 PM |


When news first broke that Beck would be producing a Thurston Moore solo album, it immediately seemed clear that this could be an extremely productive relationship, as I began to imagine a pristine, elegantly orchestrated album that still employed the acoustic guitar as its centerpiece. Or, basically, I began to imagine Thurston Moore singing on Beck’s Sea Change, which, in addition to containing some simply beautiful songs, is also one of the best sounding records that’s been made in years. And now that we’ve gotten our first taste of the album, it appears I wasn’t far off.

The song, premiered earlier today at NPR, is called “Benediction,” and it’s a subtle, stretched out ballad that boasts a relaxed, sorrowful sounding vocal from Moore, accompanied most notably by Samara Lubelski on violin. There appears to be some confusion about the title of the full-length—NPR says it’s called Benediction, but Matador has said it’ll be called Demolished Thoughts and that it’ll be released on May 24th. Either way, exciting.