In Non-SXSW News, Darlings Play an In-Store Tomorrow at Kim’s Video & Music

03/14/2011 1:14 PM |


It’s that time of the year when every band, blogger, promoter, manager, label rep, publicist and Kirsten Dunst migrates to Austin, Texas for indie-rock spring break… except for L Mag hall-of-fame favorites Darlings. They’ll be sticking around Brooklyn, creating a gaping hole in the SXSW schedules of L Mag employees headed south. They are, however, playing an in-store gig tomorrow at Kim’s Video and Music to mark the release of their new EP, Warma. Keeping in line with the endlessly catchy garage rock scuffle of 2009’s Yeah I Know, the half dozen new songs are heavy on guitar and hooks, though there seems to be a concerted effort on making the package a bit noisier, a bit more aggressive — or at least for a band whose last single featured the line, “I have a heart of a teenage girl.” If nothing else, they seem to really be digging Pavement these days. Check out the video for their single “Big Girl” below and details for tomorrow’s show here.

Darlings – Big Girl from Daniel Carbone on Vimeo.