Is It Art? Gallery-Goers Mistake Gavin Brown’s Car for Participatory Performance

03/18/2011 10:32 AM |

Rirkrit Tiravanija car performance that isnt one.

Art gossip blog In The Air reports a hilarious instance of overly relational aesthetics that occurred on Wednesday during the current Rirkrit Tiravanija exhibition/performance/installation/Thai soup kitchen “Fear Eats the Soul” at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. Patricia Silva posted details of her visit to the West Village gallery on Jerry Saltz’s Facebook wall: she and a friend (pictured), finding a Volvo station wagon parked in the gallery with key in the ignition, assumed it was part of the show and took it for a spin.

They marveled at the level of detail inside the car, from parking tickets and loose change to art supplies and such—like a real artist’s (or gallery-owner’s…) car! Upon getting back to Gavin Brown’s Enterprise they we greeted by the same-named gallerist, who was very relieved to see Gavin Brown’s Car returned. In a subsequent FB comment, Silva explained:

He came out to talk to us, I was like “Oh no, that guy has been waiting for his turn at the car” and then he was like “I pay rent on this building”… LOL.

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  • no mistake, they did it on purpose.

  • Hi Benjamin,
    The friend is Eric Clinton Anderson, a fellow artist. As artists, and members of a NY arts collective, we view, discuss and analyze exhibitions. When appropriate, we interact with the works/space. Yes, this was funny in the end, but there are so many other questions skidding on the surface of all this. As the post to Jerry stated: boundaries, space, engagement.
    -Patricia Silva