Joe Queer Defends Ben Weasel, Reasonable People Everywhere Wonder Why They Ever Listened to This Shit in the First Place

03/24/2011 11:02 AM |


There’s been a good deal of action on the Ben Weasel punching women front these past few days. First, a handful of bands (Chixdiggit, Teenage Bottlerocket, Chinese Telephones) backed out on their commitment to play Screeching Weasel’s upcoming 25th anniversary celebration. Then pretty much all of Screeching Weasel quit, which is awesome. In response to all this, Joe Queer, frontman for another legendary pop-punk band, The Queers, issued a statement, basically condemning everyone whose spoken out in any way against Weasel. There are many, many incredibly stupid parts. Below, just a few of them.

This whole Weasel thing is way out of hand. I mean come on and let’s put this in perspective. The chick deserved a punch-unfortunately Ben gave it to her and not some other girl who would have been called a hero-but Ben’s a monster. He doesn’t advocate hitting chicks. I don’t either. But as a lead singer in a punk band I know as well as anyone that sometimes you just fucking lose it with assholes onstage bugging you and causing trouble. This isn’t Mother Teresa we’re talking about here folks-it’s a little troublemaker acting like she’s a victim.Yeah I wish Ben had handled it differently-hell I’m sure he does. But everyone knows Ben isn’t a guy who beats on chicks. Come the fuck on.

I can totally see how that last part would be true, if only we hadn’t all seen this video of Ben, you know, beating on chicks.

And after all Ben has done for the scene out there everyone jumps ship on him and all of a sudden he’s persona non grata. I’m ashamed at all you people who could at least show him some support instead of acting all high and mighty and bailing out acting like you’re some saint.

Is it really “acting like you’re some saint” to sever ties with a dude who hits women?

I honestly don’t know how I’d react. For a chick to do that shit and then hide behind the fact she’s a girl is bullshit in my book. In the old days-when a punk was a punk and not some self righteous asshole who doesn’t dare to step out of line lest his Hot Topic wearing punk pals make him conform to their rules-the crowd would have cheered when the chick got smacked.

So Mr. Queer may have punched her too. Also, I will readily acknowledge that I maybe don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about here, and that perhaps it has everything to do with me coming up in a just-barely post-Nirvana punk landscape, but the punk that was actually part of my life always seemed pretty clearly to line up on the opposite side of the guys who’d hit women. Wasn’t that sort of implied in the whole hating jocks thing?

Hey I don’t advocate hitting chicks but everyone knows Ben doesn’t either. You guys are all acting like you’ve never been to a punk show before. You people and bands who should know better too. In the heat of the moment he lashed out after getting spit directly in the face. Mother of God I pray it happens to all you do gooders out there. Let’s see how cool you all are.

Again, by hitting chicks you’ve advocated hitting chicks. And if a woman were to spit in my face, I’d probably get really angry and scream lots of mean crap. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t throw a huge, looping right hand in her direction, though.

To all you bands out there-mainly those flying under the radar screen who can see thru the bullshit still instead of believing they’re some self righteous do gooders-Thank you!!

You’re welcome! Oh, wait, what bullshit are we supposed to be seeing through? The part where Ben Weasel punched two women and then some people were like, “Oh, fuck, he really should not have punched those two women”? That part?

You’d think he was throwing Jews in the oven at Aushcwitz the way these people are talking.

I think we can probably just end there, right?

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  • Sorry, Mike, but your argument doesn’t wash. You say you’d yell at a woman who spat on you. What if she spat on you again? What if she laughed and walked off? Unfortunately, we’ve come to the point where some women are total bitches — I don’t know if this is New York in particular, judging from the Real Housewives TV shows — and men need some kind of retaliation. It’s not realistic to think we male victims can go look for a policeman and file charges.

    Second, your sexism is so clear even feminists should call you on it. A man who hits a woman is de facto “a guy who beats on chicks”? So, if a man has, even once, hit another man, he’s a guy who beats on dudes? Not quite.

    I’ll agree on Joe Queer on one point: it’s weird how if another chick had decked this woman the audience would have cheered. Yet if a man fights back, to any degree whatever, suddenly he’s a low-life scum woman-beater. It’s time for feminists — *real* feminists — to stand up and say TRUE equality means that if it’s okay to hit some asshole who spits on you, they don’t get special rights because they’re female.

  • The guy who wrote this sounds pretty childish. Joe Queer may not be the world’s most eloquent advocate or whatever but I pretty much agree with his point. Shit is always going to get stigmatized when it happens in a venue where everyone and 10 of their relatives get to see it and share an opinion…

    I have heard people say shit like “equal rights equal fights” and shit in the past and I’ve always kind of rolled my eyes at the trollish tone of that shit…like usually I hear it from dudes who really like One Life Crew or something you know? But the way YOU talk about girls in this article, I think that some of that logic could be applied. You act like girls are basically incapable of doing the same shit as dudes, including getting into conflicts. Obviously he probably shouldn’t have hit ANYone but you are so blindly adhering to some punk-o-rama dogma doctrine principle shit that you can’t even look at this objectively. It’s not like he chris browned her, she was spitting on him and he took a swing. AND he’s apologized. So you and everyone should stop trying to tear the dude up.

  • @LogicalDude, matt wwc
    You guys are fucking idiots.

  • I agree with the logicaldude and Joe Queer! There’s a line that shall not be crossed, by man nor woman, and apparently that line was, in this case, a woman spitting potential diseases on a man’s face while he was simply trying to perform for a crowd of otherwise eager fans! I’d defy anyone who would say their first impulse wouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction, or in this case, right-hook reaction!
    I once witnessed a guy harassing Monster Magnet’s Bassist Jim Baglino at a sparsely attended but superb show at the Chameleon Club (Lancaster, PA)! While the band performed for 50 some die-hard enthusiasts, a single dude stood front row with a double middle finger salute, jeering the band’s newest member! With the smoothness of an assassin Jim smacked the kid in the forehead with the head of his bass, not missing a beat nor batting an eye! I looked over at the kid, completely in shock as he gripped his bloody face and fell to his knees! The bouncers, escorted the kid out to the paramedics and Jim was later arrested for assault, and had to forego the next venue for subsequent reasons! In the following segue, the legendary Dave Wyndorf says to the crowd, “Hey kids, Don’t get too close to the Rock & Roll”! That’s how it goes and rightfully so!

    Shame upon anyone who shows up to a show for the purpose of malice! The bitch got what she bargained for and should learn a valuable lesson from it! Long Screech the Weasels!

    Lancaster Lorne

  • Joe Queer is right. This has been way overblown. I will still listen to Screeching Weasel because they are a great band. Too bad the losers in the band quit because they were afraid of a fart in the wind.

    “One of the mongoloids girlfriends kicked me, right in the family jewels, I socked her one in the eye and said f–k you!” – Joe Queer!

  • I think the crux of what Joe Queer is trying to say in his statement is that, as far as anyone knows, this was an isolated incident for Ben Weasel. And the volume of the knee-jerk reaction to the incident has been as though Ben Weasel always has, and will continue, to beat women.

    How can anyone believe that?
    I just don’t think is true. And given that, I also agree that the magnitude of the general reaction has been unfair to Ben.

    Food for thought: Our society holds men to higher standards of behavior than we do women.

  • How does throwing one little tiny ice cube at someone or spitting a beer from 5 feet away (after being provoked to do so) warrant a punch in the face? If thats ok then where do we draw the line on what does and doesn’t warrant a punch in the face? Throw an ice cube back at them, spit back, tell them to fuck off, or wait – what about this: Apologize to the audience for the fact that they just paid $20 to watch you spend 30 of your 50 minutes on stage babbling on about money and “industry hacks” instead of playing the music they came to see, then maybe no one will be throwing ice cubes to begin with. Theres a novel fucking idea.

  • I like it when Jonny Diamond (editor of the L magazine) chimes in with really intelligent, and well thought out responses to other peoples comments. Thanks to an extra chromosome Jonny’s mind works as follows: You disagree with an article? You’re stupid!
    Way to be 7 years old, dickbag. Also, you suck as an editor.

  • @err
    The aggrieved stupidity of these comments is self-evidential. So yeah, “you guys are fucking idiots” still seems about right.

  • well i think bottom line is you should not punch people. maybe i’m naive but i do think Ben Weasel was sincere in his apology? has the person who was punched come forward? anyone know? It does kind of look like she was able to duck at the last moment so maybe it was not that bad in the end, kind of hard to tell from that video…

    anyway society as a whole is fucked up and way too prone to violence. remember ONE punch can kill a person, or put them in a coma. think back on the fight over the parking spot that was just in the news, or the person who was killed in a fight outside a bar on Manhattan Ave few years back…

  • Actually, Jonny, the stupidity of your comment was self-evidential. You apparently aren’t smart enough to offer an actual argument, or to recognize that there’s a gray area here.

    I’ll give you the example that still pisses me off. I’m tall. I was at a concert, and a drunk girl standing behind me got mad and threw her drink at me. I grabbed her arm, to tell her she was a bitch, and the people around TOTALLY freaked out, like I was abusive for touching a chick.

    I’m not talking about punching a chick, and haven’t advocated that in any of my comments. In fact, in my first post I offered an example about spitting, and asked what a dude should do since TOUCHING is out of the question. In the first Ben Weasel thread, the only advice I got was to go get the cops. Yeah, like they’ll happily fill out that paperwork.

    So, Jonny, prove you’re not as stupid as your comment leads us to believe. Prove you’re not a brainless hipster who’s too much of a coward to address a gray area. Or confirm that yes, though females can be total bitches who spit and throw drinks at dudes, they’re also too fragile to withstand that guy’s touch.

    I breathlessly await your words.

  • @LogicalDude2
    Ha, sorry, no. There isn’t really an argument here.

  • First off, the author of this article should have his job taken away. When providing news, one should not EVER editorialize like this crap bag. Second, Jonny L’s opinion should be null and void after his brainless “you guys are fucking idiot.”

    I was there. I was not bothered by the bitching (which definitely didn’t amount to 30 minutes), nor was I bothered by the “violence” on stage. Neither was my girlfriend, who said, “She deserved it. I spit in a guy’s face once, got hit, and will never do it again.” I went to a punk rock show, and what I received was a punk rock show. Granted, I have never and will never hit a woman, but the double standard here is ridiculous. The “one little tiny ice cube” was actually a lot of ice cubes and a lot of beer. Then, she went so far as to GO UP TO HIM AFTER HE TOLD HER HE WAS GOING TO FIGHT HER. THEN, SHE SPIT ON HIS FACE. I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for this idiot. She did release a statement, saying that she threw and spit said items on Ben due to the fact that, “He was saying misogynistic things.” He called another female (who was also throwing beer) a “stupid skank whore” or something to that avail. This was a knee-jerk reaction, folks. That’s all there is to it. He apologized for it, and now his band quit on him, as well as numerous ‘fans’ who have nothing to judge by other than a bunch of bored message board posters’ opinions and some shoddily shot video.

    (As far as the 2nd female, I really don’t believe that Ben knew it was a woman. I’ve seen that lady in real life. She really does not resemble a woman.)

  • @JE
    “Granted, I have never and will never hit a woman.” Hey, now we’re getting somewhere!

    (Also, I wrote, “You guys are fucking idiots,” plural. That’s important.)

  • @JE I was also there. He was on stage for an hour and played about 15-20 2-minute songs, do the math. He came out on stage flipping everyone off and talked shit about his manager, his agent, his label, the press, and ultimately his fans. He is a grown man and a seasoned industry professional (and an “industry hack” in his own right at this point) – why did he ever agree to play the show if he didn’t want to and was just going to whine the whole time and ruin it for everyone? He’s a fucking spoiled little entitled (and apparently rich) baby. It should also be noted that his manager and agent have quit over this. If its not really that big of a deal why do you think everyone is reacting this way? SW has been my favorite band for over 15 years but he ruined it for me on Friday night long before the punching even began. Too bad because I have been known to fly across the country just to see Weasel play in the past.

  • The Clash got spit on all night, every night they played. I don’t recall them punching anyone, male or female. Actually, they were noted for stopping their sets and asking people to calm down if they saw things getting too rough in the crowd. But then I guess I don’t know anything about punk rock. Or maybe it’s Joe Queer who doesn’t?

  • Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown massacre even handles this shit better
    and hes a fucking lunatic

  • Oh and by the way, to all the fellas out there – if you can’t handle having a girl throw or spill a drink on you, I’ve got news for you: she’s not the one who’s a bitch. I’m tall. I get kicked in the head at shows all the time by dumb girls crowd surfing. Know what I do? Get over it! When did everyone become such a pussy?

  • Thanks, arsonclass. I’m glad somebody addressed the point. It seems to me there’s a choice: either women are either too feeble or too stupid to be held responsible for their actions. You’re saying it’s just sexism, right? Fine, as long as it makes sense to you, and females are fine with getting special treatment because they’re women. I give you far more points than L’s coward-ass idiot.

  • @Jonny
    Actually, we’re not getting anywhere because absolute statements don’t afford “getting somewhere”, and are usually made by absolute r-tards who don’t foster intelligent conversation but use logical fallacy to ‘win’ an argument.
    You handbags over at L Magazine should stick to being humorous and not try to weigh in on shit that might take more that a blog post’s worth of thought. Clearly, you kids aren’t capable.

  • What I’m basically saying is this – if you’re a guy and you’re crowd surfing at a show and you kick me in the head, you’re getting dropped on yours. Equal does not mean fair. Likewise I don’t think getting some beer and a couple of ice cubes thrown in your face warrants a punch to someone else’s face whether it’s a guy or a girl that did the throwing. A girl sets you on fire? By all means, deck her. I’d probably do the same. Someone makes you wet for about 20 minutes until you dry off? Not really such a big deal. I suppose what I’m saying is that the older I get, the more immature I seem to find everyone else around me behaving. I’m saying there’s scales and balances. But then I don’t think a girl who hits a guy deserves to get hit, either. It’s a question of power, I suppose. A girl hits a guy? How much damage can she *really* do? Sure, some girls are bigger and more sturdily built than others, but by and large I think a girl that hits a guy wouldn’t inflict nearly as much damage as a guy who hits a girl. It’s like Jack Palance in the movie “Shane,” dropping the pistol at the sheep herder’s feet. “You all saw him! He had a gun!” It’s bullying, and it’s abusive and maybe I’m the last chivalrous guy in America, but so be it. Guys who hit girls are cowards and bullies, plain and simple. Here’s the world’s smallest violin playing for every guy who got slapped or spit on or a drink thrown at them. Boo hoo for you, if you get so mad at that, that you’d want to punch someone in the face, I’d hate to see how you react in a truly horrible situation. I’m saying, I suppose that in the end it’s about being emotionally mature.

  • Scratch that last comment: I answered without thinking.

    When people crowd-surf, they’re not responsible for their actions. If you’re smart, you look out for them, and tough luck if you get hit.

    We’re talking about women intentionally doing things to men, and men not being allowed to retaliate.

    So, are women too stupid to be held accountable for their actions, or too feeble? They’re granted special rights here, and I’m wondering why. If you can offer a third option, I’d love to hear it.

    Last, I think it’s sad that women (and L’s idiot editor) are hiding behind this and perpetuating their female victim status. I don’t know about you, but I think that disappeared about forty years ago.

  • Thanks for the intelligent response, arsonclass. No time to answer now, but it seems like you’re saying (1) women are weaker — which is cool with me, though evidently you don’t hang around Williamsburg, and (2) it is indeed okay to retaliate, but only in extreme cases. I appreciate the logical reply. And I totally agree: no amount of spit or ice cubes deserves a face punch.

  • @err
    I’ll have to defer to your intellectual superiority on this one. The above inquiry into What To Do When Spat Upon by a Woman has, indeed, been a bit too nuanced for me. And so I will leave you with the r-tarded absolutism of Mr. Arsonclass: “Guys who hit girls are cowards and bullies, plain and simple.”

  • Why is everyone arguing about whether it is ok for a man to hit a woman or vice versa? The point is that no one should be hitting anyone. The only thing that should ever *maybe* warrant a face-punch is another fucking face-punch, end of story. No one physically touched Princess Weasel – someone threw a half-melted tiny little ice cube at him from a lukewarm drink. Someone from the audience sprayed all of us with beer – BIG FUCKING DEAL – no one turned around and punched them. One thing is a completely inappropriate reaction to the other. If he can’t handle that then he has no fucking business performing on a stage. Worse things have happened, much worse, with much less dramatic and ridiculous “knee-jerk” reactions.

  • Yes, I know it’s perhaps not a popular fact that women like to admit to, but on the whole men tend to be more physically powerful than women. That’s a simple fact of nature that I think most people would have difficulty disputing. Sure, there are always going to be exceptions. But we’re speaking of generalities here, and generally speaking a guy who hits a girl is going to cause a lot more damage than a girl who hits a guy. Like I said equal and fair are not the same things. In a fair world, women would hit men, and men would hit them back. But we don’t live in a fair world, so the best we can hope for is some measure of equality where we all try to acknowledge our differences and not let them be the reason for subjugation or discrimination. But really, I don’t think anyone should be hitting anyone. I don’t think it’s right for a girl to hit a guy thinking she can because she won’t suffer any sort of real retaliation. Mainly I think people who get so angry over the littlest thing that they resort to violence as an immediate option are dealing with some internal issues that they’d rather not be so they take it out on everyone else around them. Someone rapes your mother? By all means beat them to death with a baseball bat. Someone cuts you in line at the bar or bumps into you by mistake? Let it go! Unless for some reason, deep down inside that you’re not ready to admit to yourself yet, you feel the need to take your shirt off and show us all what a “man” you can be…

    I also disagree that crowd surfers aren’t responsible for their actions – not thinking before you do something is not the same as being free of responsibility. We are all of us, totally responsible for the decisions we make, regardless of how much thought we give to them. If you decide to get people to hoist you up above a crowd and pass you hand to hand without considering the consequences to both yourself and those around you, that’s not my problem. Kick me in the head and suffer the consequences. You want to stage dive? Go right ahead. At least I can see you coming. I execute a leap from the stage every now and again myself, even with my advancing years.

    As for olde Williamsburg, speaking as someone who was born in Brooklyn and raised in NYC it breaks my heart to see what the bourgie people in their 20’s have done to my beloved boro but hey, whattayagonnado?

  • From now on, I expect to be referred to as the Absolute Retard. By the way, typing “retard” and leaving the “e” out doesn’t make you a good or kind, or politically correct person, so quit doing it. It just makes you look retarded. Don’t be afraid of words, they can’t hurt you unless you let them. Unlike, say, a punch to the face.

  • I always thought that saying r-tard did make me a good person. I was banking on it making up for all of my other short comings. Wow! You’ve really turned me around here.
    It’s not PC-specific either, you r-tard, it’s the awesomeness of the sound. R-tard. Beautiful.
    Forgive the artistic license, but you will forever be in my heart, and I won’t be swayed here, as the most absolute r-tard I’ve communicated with. I will not settle for less.
    Also, save for the last comment you made, thanks for not being retarded about all this; also excepting, of course, that one sentence of yours that Jonny D quoted that was mind-blowingly retarded in that it contradicted everything else you said. I love you my little r-tard.

  • I feel like we’ve all learned a lot in this thread. I love you guys.

  • Admittedly it’s a bit difficult to keep track of oneself on a message board thread, but I don’t think I’ve said anything contradictory. Stronger people shouldn’t beat up weaker people, has more or less been the gist I think. Stronger people who beat up weaker people are bullies, ergo, men who hit women are bullies. I’m many things. Handsome. Well liked *and* read. Courteous. But contradictory? Never!

    I’ll also have to respectfully disagree about the r-tard thing. “R-tard,” which I have said out loud many times now, just to be sure, does not sound anywhere nearly as phonetically pleasing as the word “retard.” “R-tard” sounds like something a pirate would say while giving directions. “Which way should we go, Blackbeard?” “Arrr, tard the mainland!”

  • @arsonclass
    As long as you’ve taken the time to say it aloud numerous times…. How you’re not moved by its attractively awkward cadence, and pirate conjuring brilliance is a matter of taste I assume.
    Regarding your contradiction, I can’t be bothered to go line by line. See guy on fire should “deck” girl vs. guys who hit women are bullies and cowards. If the gentleman on fire is, in fact, a bully and cowardly I would like to know, as chastising someone on fire for their plain and simple lack of bravery has been a very long term goal of mine. I’d like to get that out of the way as soon as possible.
    In conclusion, I will use your pirate argument to bolster support for the universal use of r-tard.

  • Uh…didn’t he hit not one but TWO chicks? By the very semantics of the understood meaning of the phrase “dude who hits chicks”, he has met the definition.

  • I agree with my pal Joe here as I also agree with some valid points I have heard from others. It is just sad that a whole band has to be treated like scum and untalented musicians due to the situation Ben Weasel was put in. Maybe we should hang all the band members in other bands you all love who have raped and forced themselves upon girls backstage at shows or at parties when the news never reaches the light of day. I think rape is much worse then hitting a girl. Also lets ban all the fans who go to shows and like to get there cheap thrills when they grab up on girls in the pit.

  • @PhillyPunk
    “Maybe we should hang all the band members in other bands you all love who have raped and forced themselves upon girls backstage at shows or at parties when the news never reaches the light of day.”


  • Hey Mike, try this if you still don’t get your own sexism.

    “Hey, you hear Ben Weasel punched a kid at a concert?”

    “No shit! That’s crazy!”

    “Well, the kid was throwing ice cubes, then spit beer in Ben’s face.”

    “Oh, well, I guess the kid had it coming then.”

    “But the kid was a girl.”


    Now, being honest, tell me how you visualized this girl. How big is she? How strong? How tall? How confidant? How helpless?

    How meek did you unconsciously imagine her to be?

    Now, in your head, how does Ben compare? Is he towering over her? Is he like two feet taller? Do you picture the equivalent of Ali hitting the girl from Juno?

    That’s sexism. You are sexist by definition. Way to go.

    Now, if you’re advocating No Violence For All, then I’d say – I’m totally on your side. 100%, and I fully agree that what Ben did was wrong. But if the sole complaint is simply her gender – you and I disagree. I have NEVER hit a girl, nor do I ever expect to – but if some 6’9 ripped female body builder comes after me, I’m pretty sure I’m going to defend myself.

    Now if you’re implying that the problem is because the girl was weaker and/or smaller, at least be clear. Because imagine if the above response was gender swapped:

    “Well, the kid was throwing ice cubes, then spit beer in Ben’s face.”

    “Oh, well, I guess the kid had it coming then. What’d he look like?”

    “Some little 120 pound nerdy douche bag with pretentious glasses and annoying hipster garb.”

    …me thinks you might even be applauding Ben taking him down for spitting beer in his face.

    Bottom line: it was in the HEAT OF THE MOMENT. This was not premeditated. And over a 25 year career, pretty much the only thing Ben has done is write songs extolling girls he loves (while certainly throwing some barbs at those he despises). The guy was sick out of his mind that night, pissed he wasn’t earning any dough for the show, and now some girl is fucking with him.

    Again, did he FUCK UP ROYALLY? YES! But there’s a reason killing people is divided into SO MANY DIFFERENT categories, from first degree to manslaughter and so on. It’s because you can’t have a kneejerk reaction that what, at the outset, looks like one of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

    Finally, you might say – well, why are you defending Ben so adamantly? You must be OK with what he did.

    NOPE. But he made a mistake. We all make mistakes. And in this camera phone filled world of ours, it’s sort of sad that one mistake condemns you to the gallows.

    And if you’re still dumb enough not to get it, check this out:…


  • All you blowhards defending Weasel are hilarious. They guy was being a classless misogynistic dick the whole show, preceding the chick beatdown. The guy is a constant whiner who should have packed it in years ago….Him and Joe Queer.

    No one forced him to play SXSW, yet he played it anyways, after his non-stop crybaby fest on Twitter. If I want to be verbally abused at a concert, I’ll go see Gwar. At least they are funny.

    Up next, Ben Weasel spoken word tours, followed by an acting career. Henry Rollins watch your back.

  • @ jpmcgillicuddy

    Hating the artist and loving the art is fine; it does, however, lead people into long-winded, logically torturous thought experiments seeking to discredit those who don’t actually think the art redeems the awfulness of the artist.

    You love Ben Weasel’s work, and so will forgive him his actions in this case. Most of the rest of us won’t, including his own band.

  • how did this become an argument about women being “weak and feeble” and
    @chukk that “our society holds men to higher standards of behavior than we do women”?? so society is more forgiving of women who, say, beat their kids or have affairs? or how about martha stewart, who went to jail for some insider trading to the tune of a few hundred thousand dollars (which sounds like a lot, but her company was worth billions), yet a whole slew of men destroy the global economy and get reimbursed for it by the freaking federal government!
    advocating violence, against men or women, is bad enough, but let’s not drag all of femalekind through the mud here, please. or i might have to punch someone in the face.

  • @Jinna is right – lest we forget he punched not one but TWO women. With the second one, who was just trying to stop him from punching the first one, he actually paused and drew back, making a conscious decision to punch her after seeing that she was a woman. Then, when she spun around and tried to get away he punched her again FROM BEHIND (in the kidney no less – dude knows right where to hit for maximum impact when fighting someone from behind, guess thats how he rolls).

    So wait – he punched 2 chicks, one of them twice and from behind. Nothing quite as awesome as someone who is still punching someone as they’re trying to run away from you!

    Again, not sure why anyone needed to be punched at all. If you’re going to put yourself on a stage in front of 1,500 drunk punk rockers who just payed $20 to see you, and then you’re going to spend half of your time on stage standing there in your mom jeans whining like a little bitch then I would hope you’re at the very least prepared for someone to throw an ice cube.

  • i want to see She-Hulk vs Ben Weasel.

  • Apparently the punk scene today is composed of white knighting manginas who will leap to the defense of a crass low class chick who wants to be a man by assaulting another man. Apparently guys today are expected to just “man up” and take it when some feminist cunt spits in your face repeatedly. I weep for the youth of today.

  • @Tinderbox
    I miss when punk was all about “bitch had it coming.” I weep for the bitter olds of today.

  • First off, it really disturbs me on how many of you think it’s okay to hit women. So, she was an annoying cunt. You’re playing a in a punk band at a punk show. Shit gets thrown on stage all the time. I guess that second girl asked for it right? She deserved it, right? Take your roid rage elsewhere and go do your 100 push ups and tweet about it.

  • My opinion, You shouldn’t hit people, also you shouldn’t throw or spit at people either, if you spit at me or throw something at me I will deck you and not think twice about it, even though it is wrong. Everyone is saying its okay to spit on the guy cuz he was pissed and throw shit at him but its not okay for him hitting her? I’m confused when being a douche cuz you dont have a penis got you a free pass? Bet she would think twice now next time she is about to spit on some one.

    Also if the band mates and other bands do not condone him hitting her they have every right to pull out and quit, my opinion is there are consequences for your actions, Spit in someones face get hit, Hit a girl you just become a solo act.

  • Haha Jonny D I took you from point a to point b on the clearest, simplest route possible. I love your simply citing it as logically tortuous, rather than point out where it goes askew. But then again, maybe that’s why you work for a magazine which serves the majority of its value to the New York City community as toilet paper for homeless (more durable than the Village Voice, I’m sure).

  • @jpmcgillicuddymagoo
    “You pictured a man and a woman as physiologically differentiated therefore you are sexist.” Well played, sir. (“Don’t think of a pink elephant! Ha! You did! Racist!”)

    And yes, I make a living providing toilet paper to homeless New Yorkers, a vocation only slightly less ignoble than responding online to aging, moronic Ben Weasel apologists.

  • Mike ,sorry she deserved it and the other chick got a break once he realized it was a chick( he held back on the uterus punch at the end) this fat ugly bitch ruined my chance to see SW in philly, for the first time in my life, fuc# her, if u don’t like something leave.. don’t ruin for everyone else. Prolly what Ben should have done.. just left the stage

  • @Timmy Cocktail
    “He held back on the uterus punch at the end.”

    Wow, you’ve managed to win this awful comment thread!

  • “And yes, I make a living providing toilet paper to homeless New Yorkers, a vocation only slightly less ignoble than responding online to aging, moronic Ben Weasel apologists.”

    Ha, well, you’re clearly not publishing anything else of value, as Screeching Weasel stories are dominating the Most Viewed AND Most Commented on…and it’s been a week, no?

  • @jpmcgilliacuddymagoopants

  • We are continuing to bitch about this and other things at Register and write for the site. We are getting a lot of hits!

  • Did anyone write “You just hate him ’cause he don’t have to work” yet?

  • @ Jonny Diamond RE:”this fat ugly bitch ruined my chance to see SW in philly” Uh no, Ben Weasle’s poor judgment ruined your chance to see SW in philly. It was a punk show, people get spit on at punk shows. I’ve seen plenty of musicians spit on the audience and vice versa. If she went too far or if he didn’t like it, he should have had her thrown out by the bouncers.

  • @EL
    Huh? Why are you talking to me?

  • the reverse sexism in america is pathetic. women simply can do no wrong and men are always in the wrong no matter what! i think that is why there are so many more lesbians in america nowadays (not that there is anything wrong with that), men are always portrayed as violent and stupid, and women as gentle and intelligent! its pathetic, i think ben weasel screwed up obviously, but for his band to quit on him and all those bands drop out, they are all pathetic cowards! if ben was beating up his girlfriend/wife or something like that then that is a totally different story, i think that type of violence against women is never acceptable under any circumstances, but this is totally different. people lose their heads sometimes when they are sucked into these type of things! i would have had to see the whole thing happen in person to say if the chick deserved to get punched or not, just because she is a female doesnt mean she doesnt deserve to get hit. if a girl wants to act like a man and start a fight then she should accept the consequences. and as to the chick who grabbed him from behind, shes probably a bulld**e who is a typical feminist and always sees women as the victim. i will still support ben weasel, i love screeching weasel and all the stuff he has done! whoever this guy who wrote the article is a pu$$y, joe queer made great points, the queers and screeching weasel are 2 of the best pop punk rock bands ever btw!

  • Fucking lame . WTf are you all talking about . You all should just pull your cocks out and measure up on live video feed . You guys are going back n forth over every lil thing


  • The whole point of punk rock is to punch people in the face. So what was so wrong besides some girl at a punk rock show!!??!! She’ll be asking for the same pay soon!! Oh, wait….

  • @hater: it’s not ok to hit ANYONE. you argue against hitting women but you call her a “cunt”. That’s one of the worst things you can say to a woman, it will piss her off to the point where she will hit YOU.

    If he punched some stupid guy, it would have NEVER made the news. WHY? Because people won’t tune in to their channel, read their paper, etc. They don’t give a shit any more than that asshole at the stoplight panhandling pretending to be a homeless guy.

  • I just wanted to say Jonny Diamond is fucking stupid. That is all.

  • Guy or girl, She deserved a punch. Security let her go on assaulting Weasel for 5 minutes because she was a friend of the owner. But I was front row center.

    She threw her drink in his face. Then spit on him about 4-5 times in 2 minutes. Then she walked to the bar, got a cup full of ice, and started throwing it at his face trying to hit him in the eye. That’s when he stopped the music and started calling her out. She then whipped a piece right at his eye. He told her to come up to the front, she walked up and said “you ain’t gonna do shit” and threw another cube at him, and he put his mic down and belted her.

    She deserved it. Owner let her do whatever she wanted because they are friends. Security was not doing its job and protecting the Star.

    Having a vagina does not give you a free pass to assault someone over and over.

  • An appropriate time to hit a man is an appropriate time to hit a woman. I’m not advocating violence but if someone is throwing drinks and shit at you while you’re performing, that’s fucking disrespectful. and if someone was doing that shit to me I’d probably punch a fucker out too.