Kota Ezawa’s Pop Art Ode to Nature in Movies Takes Madison Square Park Tomorrow

03/30/2011 3:03 PM |

A still from Kota Ezawas City Of Nature, from a shark attack movie you may have seen.

  • A still from Kota Ezawa’s “City Of Nature,” from a shark attack movie you may have seen.

Did you catch Jim Campbell’s scintillating light bulb LED installation in Madison Square Park? After a whole slew of sculptors, the high-profile public art program’s next artist is another moving image innovator: Kota Ezawa, who turns iconic images from film, television, photography and other mass media into cartoon-like lightboxes and videos. His new video, City of Nature, goes on public view tomorrow.

The piece—which shares its title with the San Francisco-based artist’s current exhibition at Murray Guy in Chelsea, on view through April 16—features images of nature taken from snippets of well-known films like Twin Peaks, Fitzcarraldo, Rambo: First Blood and Jaws (pictured). The point is to liken the very artificial and elaborately constructed natural environments portrayed in films to the false landscapes of city parks.

Given the recent success of another video collage, Christian Marclay’s The Clock, this seems likely to be a crowd-pleaser. Ezawa City of Nature will be on view in Madison Square Park through May 15. On May 5 it’ll be joined by Jaume Plensa’s previously announced giant squished head.