Marty Golden’s Office Doesn’t Know His Policy Positions, Doesn’t Care Either

03/15/2011 8:54 AM |

I signed what?

  • “I signed what?”

Last year, every Republican in the New York state senate signed a pledge agreeing to support bipartisan efforts at redistricting, first introduced by former mayor Ed Koch and taken up again by Governor Cuomo; currently, districts are carved up in bizarre ways to ensure that incumbents maintain their power. (It’s called gerrymandering.) But, lately, Republicans have been backing away from this pledge.

An anonymous reader called up the office of Brooklyn’s only Republican state senator, Marty Golden, to find out if he still supported the measure. And not only did no one there know—they could give a shit!

Called his office in Albany to find out why the Senator was backing off his agreement on bi-partisan reapportionment. The person who I asked said they did not know his position and would call me back when they found out. That was three weeks ago. I called today and I was put on hold while he went to find out Senator Golden’s position. After five minutes, a female staffer got on the line. She told me she didn’t know the senator’s position and she was not aware of his agreeing to Mayor Koch’s bi-partisan approach. She said that they were much too busy with the upcoming budget to find out the answer. Really, that is what she said. Made it sound like the fate of the budget rested in the hands of our good Senator! When I made a snide comment about the Senator’s role in the budget process she got angry, said she would get back to me when she could and hung up. Democracy—wonderful idea.

But honestly, what else would you expect from Marty Golden?


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  • Dear Readers,

    Yesterday, Senator Golden voted to pass an Independent Redistricting Plan. The Senator is in favor of independent redistricting, and supports the most constitutional path to achieve this.

    We apologize for any confusion and please feel free to call our office at 718-238-6044 with any questions. You can find the full press release below.


    Senator Golden’s Office

    FOR RELEASE: Immediate, Monday, March 14, 2011

    Measure Would Reform Process To Draw District Lines In A Fair, Non-partisan Manner

    The New York State Senate today passed a constitutional amendment, sponsored by Senator John Bonacic (R-C-I, Mount Hope), that would significantly reform the process by which new legislative and congressional district lines are determined. The amendment would create an independent, non-partisan apportionment commission, as called for in the NY Uprising pledge.

  • This Republican “plan” is not at all what they pledged to do. This bill won’t have any practical effect until 2022, and allows the population in senate districts to vary by up to 5%. No surprise at all, but they’re acting out of self-preservation rather than advancing the ideals of our democracy. I would expect no less from Albany.