New High for Video Game Art: Jeff Koons Must Die!!!

03/25/2011 2:57 PM |

Animal cruelty?

  • Animal cruelty?

Hunter Jonakin, currently an MFA student at Florida State University, is about to get some serious cease-and-desist spam from Jeff Koons, the target of a new arcade game installation he’s created. In Jeff Koons Must Die!!!, viewers stand at an 80s-style arcade game console (¢25 per game), using a joystick and pressing a pair of buttons to control a rocket-launcher-toting avatar in a digital museum holding a Jeff Koons retrospective, which players must destroy. Check out wild gameplay action after the jump

The virtual retrospective includes iconic Koons works like the balloon dog, inflatable rabbit and inflatable lobster, the shiny heart pendant, and canvases from the Made in Heaven series. In addition to inanimate objects, you get to shoot it out with Jeff Koons and a female character, possibly his ex-wife and former pornstar Ilona Staller. For now you’ll have to fly down to Florida to play, but obviously every gallery district should have one of these.