Pro-Bike Registration Assemblyman Thinks Bike Lane Cameras Are Also a Good Idea

03/02/2011 2:55 PM |

A prototype of the proposed bike lane surveillance cameras.

  • A prototype of the proposed bike lane surveillance cameras.

On Monday we laughed nervously at assemblyman Michael DenDekker’s (D-Queens) pair of Albany-bound bills that would require every bicycle in the state to be registered and fitted with a license place, and commercial bicycles to be insured. Gothamist called DenDekker to talk about the bills, and it turns out he’s got a couple other crazy ideas for excessive policing of your cycling.

It’s this part especially, when DenDekker answers a question about how non-registered cyclists might be penalized, that offers a glimpse of the assemblyman’s creepy Orwellian plans:

We would put cameras in bicycle lanes to make sure that bicyclists are wearing their helmets and have their lights on and are riding in a manner which is accustomed to the lane or if they’re being reckless and endangering and hurting others. I believe it also gives more credibility to bicyclists, making them more a part of the road.

Aside from the problem that perpetually looking over someone’s shoulder to point out when they’re making mistakes is the exact opposite of giving them credibility—and that riding without a helmet isn’t actually against the law, just against common sense—isn’t this just a spectacular waste of time, money and infrastructure? Also, nobody would ever support this, right…?