Prospect Park West Bike Lane Lawsuit Filed, More Money To Be Wasted Entertaining the Complaints of a Few Well-Connected Slopers

03/08/2011 11:27 AM |

Ancient bike wars were settled in the streets.

  • Ancient bike wars were settled in the streets.

As promised, a small group of wealthy co-op-dwellers from Prospect Park West have filed a suit against the city to have the Department of Transportation’s nine-months-old two-way bike lane removed.

As numerous outlet reported (including The Brooklyn Paper, The New York Times, CBS2, The New York Daily News, NY1, Transportation Nation, and the Park Slope Patch), local groups Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes (real name “Neighbors for No Bike Lanes”) and Seniors for Safety filed a lawsuit yesterday afternoon in Brooklyn Supreme Court to have the two-way protected lane removed.

The documents filed yesterday refer to the lane as “experimental” (like, non-narrative?) and accuse the Department of Transportation of manipulating figures in their report on the lane’s positive effects, but also of enlisting local bicycle advocacy groups to protest their anti-lane protests. The two-way protected lane is also accused of being more dangerous than the lane of speeding traffic it replaced because its “configuration requires pedestrians to walk across inconsistent traffic patterns with limited visibility,” which sounds like code for: “I can’t be bothered to look in both directions when crossing the Prospect Park West because I’m so used to only looking in one.” (Streetsblog)