Street Artist Baits Hipster Trap with PBR and Fixie Bike Chain

03/14/2011 8:56 AM |

Hipster trap,

  • Must… resist… free PBR…

The above image of a recently-set hipster trap on an unspecified New York City street baited with a can of PBR, a fixed-gear bike chain, neon pink-rimmed sunglasses and a pack American Spirits was uploaded to Reddit yesterday, marking a new high/low in The War on Hipsters(TM). Click through the jump for a full shot of this street art sculpture in situ.

Hipster trap

How long before some unfortunate young Brooklynite picks up the scent, grabs at the loot and ends up having to go all James Franco on their arm? Hipster traps have gotten much more sophisticatedhipster-baiting street art too. (TheDailyWhat, Reddit)