The Most Expensive Places to Live in Brooklyn

03/24/2011 11:56 AM |

You can see this everyday...for a million dollars a month!

  • You can see this everyday…for a million dollars a month!

Yesterday, the Real Deal dipped into its 2011 Data Book to assess which neighborhoods in Brooklyn offered the most expensive apartment rentals. The far-and-away winner? DUMBO, whose one- and two-bedroom apartments demand far more monthly rent than those elsewhere in the borough: $3,669 and $4,616, on average, respectively. For two bedrooms, that’s more than $1,000 more a month than its nearest rivals, Brooklyn Heights and Fort Greene; for one bedrooms, it’s also a grand above its competitors, Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights again. (Also coming close to second in the one bedroom category: the Boerum and Cobble hills!)

DUMBO’s “victory” highlights, again, the stark contrast between it and the surrounding communities. The Daily News ran a particularly stinging piece last month about the income and cultural disparities between tony condo dwellers and the housing project poor who live literally steps away.

Anyway, if anybody in the 11211 feels a little miffed—like, for all the rent they pay, they don’t even pay the most?—you can take comfort in the fact that Williamsburg leads with the most expensive studio rentals. “But there aren’t many studio apartments in Dumbo compared to Williamsburg,” DUMBO NYC reports. So, it’s kind of like you’re cheating.

Oh, and the cheapest rentals? Bay Fucking Ridge, y’all. Ridge rules haterz.


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  • Bay Ridge is the cheapest b/c of it’s proximity. Or lack there of.
    At a bare minimum, it’s an hour each way, BR to lower midtown.