The Strokes Perform on Saturday Night Live, Julian Casablancas Says “Fuck It” on National Television

03/07/2011 8:59 AM |

If you’d somehow forgotten that the 3/29 release of Angles is fast approaching, The Strokes took to Saturday Night Live to remind you. They did lead single “Under Cover of Darkness,” of course, and then another new track, “LIfe is Simple in the Moonlight.” As far as Saturday Night Live performances go, it was a fun one: Julian slipping something that sounded an awful lot like “fuck it” past the censors, Nikolai rocking John Lennon’s sleeveless “New York City” t-shirt, and, of course, Miley rocking a midriff-bearing Strokes shirt while introducing them. Also, before they started playing, I excitedly said to my wife, “Oh man, I can’t wait to see how fucking bored they look.” And holy shit, did they ever. Well done, Strokes.