Variations on the Hipster Bear Trap

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03/30/2011 4:00 AM |

A few weeks ago two street artist laid out a “hipster” bear trap on Bedford Avenue, baiting it with a can of PBR, pink Ray-Bans, a fixed-gear bike chain, and a pack of American Spirits. We feel that more specificity is required if one wants to actually catch bona fide hipsters.

The Graphic Designer

(laptop, coffee from Modca, copy of Rem Koolhaas)

The Fancy Bartender

(suspenders, elderflower, homemade absinthe, mustache wax)

The Fixie

(racing cap, u-lock, black t-shirt)

The Neo-Farmer
(heirloom beet, Whole Earth Catalog, bag of dirt, vintage trowel)

The Kickballer

(kneesocks, short shorts, Turkey’s Nest big styrofoam cup, kickball)