Watch tUnE-yArD’s “Bizness” Video, in Which Kids and Merrill Garbus Do the Darndest Things

03/24/2011 4:13 PM |

Merrill Garbus (the singular innovator behind tUne-yArDs) first caught the attention of the music community with her debut album BiRd-BrAiNs, a frenetic, ukulele-riddled explosion of beats, children’s conversations, and jazzy off-kilter melodies captured almost exclusively on a Sony digital recorder. BiRd-BrAiNs came out in 2009, a few years after Garbus quit her job at a puppeteering company to work on the album, simultaneously supporting herself as a nanny. It’s logical then that Garbus’ new music video for “Bizness,” a single off her highly anticipated sophomore album w h o k i l l (coming April 19) takes place in a lil’ kids classroom. Makes you want to snap that laptop shut and make funny faces at your co-workers for half an hour, don’t it? (We dare you to try it.)