8 Bands You Need to Hear: Slowdance

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04/27/2011 4:00 AM |

They’re barely more than a dozen shows into their career, and loathe as we generally are to start going crazy over bands this early on, it’s hard not to in the case of Slowdance. Frontwoman Quay Quinn-Settel leads the way, armed with a commanding voice, simultaneously beautiful and adamantly disengaged. It’s a neat little trick that feels timelessly cool, especially with the perfectly balanced mix of guitars and synths sparring so elegantly and infectiously in the background.

Favorite NYC venue?

To play at, Glasslands Gallery. To see shows, Death by Audio.

Percentage of shows played in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan?

50/50. We love playing close to home, which for all of us is Brooklyn.

What New York band from the past has had the biggest influence on your sound?

That’s a tough one because we all bring different influences to the table. We get a lot of Blondie comparisons but none of us actually know their discography all that well. So let’s just say Q Lazzarus since “Goodbye Horses” is the greatest song ever written.

Favorite song about NYC?

Back in February some of us were at Sweet Revenge in Clinton Hill, it was packed, everyone was dancing and “Empire State of Mind” came on. 
Everyone started singing along and our hearts swelled with New York love.

On tour for a month, what album would get the most play in the van?

We’d fight a whole lot about it, then probably settle on New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies.

Ideal four-band bill, realistic:

Real Estate, Lower Dens, Golden Triangle, Regal Degal.

Ideal four-band bill, dream:

Nirvana, The Smiths, John Maus, Pictureplane.

If you had to relocate to another city, where would you go?

Is there an L Mag in Berlin?

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