8 Bands You Need to Hear

04/27/2011 4:00 AM |

Man, do you know how hard it is to write an intro for this thing every year? There’s the nagging temptation to try making some grand statement about what’s going on here at a given time, to pat ourselves on the back and say we’re living during the greatest time in the city’s history, or, conversely, to take a stand against a scene that is dying or dead or at least pales in comparison to the scene that existed back when we were of just the right age to really care about that sort of thing.

The truth, though, is that very little ever actually changes. There is an ungodly amount of terrible shit being produced and supported around here every single day, just as there probably was in 1978 and in 1986 and in 2001. But buried beneath all of it, there’s the good stuff–the bands that embody the best of whatever trends are currently taking hold of the city, and the bands that make a splash by paying those trends no mind whatsoever. The hard part, of course, is summoning the energy to keep looking for them.

Let it serve as motivation, though, that whatever your opinion of Brooklyn’s music scene is at any particular moment, there are kids out there who feel like they’re doing their thing at the most important point in all of history, and that belief, along with the spirit and passion it inspires, tends to function as a catalyst for music that is very much worth digging for. This never changes. We do.

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