And Here’s EastWillyB, a Web Series About Latino Williamsburg

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04/18/2011 11:31 AM |


EastWillyB, which debuted last week, is a new web series featuring comic, brightly lit three-minute episodes about young Latin people in Williamsburg, where residents of newer standing have tended to dominate the conversation, in web series as in everything else.

Readers of this blog may be especially curious to see what this new show thinks of them: as it turns out, the show is pretty hammering in its satiric pushback against gentrification
(shorthanded in the marketing as “hipsters,” inevitably, but represented in the series by a bar co-owner who wants to make the place more “emo,”—with Confederate flag wall-hangings for decoration—and a douchebag jogger who doesn’t sort his recycling, much to the consternation of Cold Weather‘s Raul Castillo). Also illuminating, but perhaps more natural-seeming, is the rapidfire Spanglish banter (including Boricua College jokes) and slapstick gags about INS. There’s new episodes to come on Wednesdays for the next six weeks, along with short documentary snippets about “The Real Bushwick.”