As Park Slope’s Restaurant Controversy Cools, Manhattan Beach’s Heats Up

04/14/2011 1:54 PM |

Prime 6 Rendering from December

  • Prime 6 Rendering from December

After weeks of often contentious negotiation, Park Slope residents have reached a compromise with the owner of a forthcoming and controversial bar-restaurant, the Park Slope Patch reports. Prime 6, primed to take the old Royal Video Exchange building on Flatbush and Sixth avenues on the Park Slope-Prospect Heights border, initially provoked racial anxieties, before igniting a debate over quality of life issues. The sticking point became operating hours: neighbors wanted the backyard shut down by 10 p.m. on weekends, and the owner wanted to keep it open until 1 a.m. It’ll now close at midnight. The neighborhood wanted him to stop serving “local meats and lots of vegetables” at 2 a.m. Now, he’ll serve until 4 a.m., but only a “limited bar menu”.

While this controversy cools, a similar one may be heating up down in Manhattan Beach, where locals are again butting heads with students from the local community college.

A property owner down there is converting a one-story home into a two-story restaurant, making locals paranoid, the New York Post reports. “It’s absolutely moronic to have this in a residential area,” one local told the paper. “And if they’re going to make a lot of noise, the police will be down there all the time.” Residents worry it will turn into “two floors of partying”.

A not-so-subtle subtext seems at play here: namely, that the kids who attend Kingsborough Community College are not the kind you want hanging around. When the term began last month, a board member of the Manhattan Beach Community Group wrote an email in which she typed of the students, “they can’t spell, they can’t read and they certainly can’t drive…that’s the dirt we have to deal with in Manhattan Beach.”