Bloomberg Asks for, Receives Cathie Black’s Resignation, Not That Him Being So Totally Wrong About Her Will Change Anything

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04/07/2011 12:48 PM |


Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott—a former kindergarten teacher and nonprofit executive—is your new Schools Chancellor, as Mayor Bloomberg today announced the resignation, which he had requested yesterday, of his handpicked and, as was really pretty immediately self-evident, comically unqualified schools chancellor Cathie Black. She wasn’t at the press conference this morning.

Very little about Bloomberg’s education policy will, one imagines, change—it’s not like Black had any ideas or knowledge of her own, that was actually kind of the whole point of her—but it’s just more… seemly this way.

If nothing else, the presumptions of godlike managerial efficiency which inform the mayor’s education policy have taken a serious pr hit.

Not that Bloomberg, being Bloomberg, will actually reevaluate any of his principles in light of this colossal failure—surely picking a rich magazine executive to run the public school system like a Fortune 500 company was a good idea in principal, it’s just the execution that was off.