British Street Artist Sweet Toof Paints Toothy Mural in Bushwick

04/22/2011 2:54 PM |

(Courtesy BruceLabounty802/Flickr)

  • (Courtesy BruceLabounty802/Flickr)

The Bushwick gallery Factory Fresh continues to import top-shelf international street art stars. Last year brought Roa from Belgium, and next on the schedule is London’s Sweet Toof (not to be confused with Angeleno Shark Toof), who just finished the above contribution to the gallery’s mural project on Vandervoort Place.

Sweet Toof’s exhibition at Factory Fresh, Dark Horse, opens a week from today. Rather than focusing on murals and graffiti, it will feature his quasi-classical paintings, which draw heavily on art history and figurative, academic styles, jarringly combined with his trademark gummy smiles. Dark Horse will be on view through May 22, and expect plenty more murals all around Brooklyn between now and opening night.

(ANIMAL; Photo: BruceLabounty802/Flickr)