Brooklyn Cyclists Receiving Twice as Many Tickets This Year

04/06/2011 11:29 AM |


Remember the NYPD’s plan to finally start enforcing the traffic laws that cyclists have been free to ignore for decades? Well, after some fits, startling starts, and falsely ticketed non-offenses, bike ticketing in the most cyclist-centric borough has reached a all-time high.

NYPD stats quoted in the Brooklyn Paper reveal that a total of 695 bicycle summonses were issued in Brooklyn in February, almost double the 375 issued to cyclists during the same period last year.

Though the article cites “pedestrian safety” as the perfectly legit impetus for the emphasis on ticketing cyclists running red lights, riding on sidewalks or in the wrong direction, there seems to also be a great deal of ticketing happening on stretches of road where there are no pedestrians, so go figure. (Photo)