Brooklyn Heights Terrorized by Would-Be “Soda Can Killer”

04/25/2011 1:18 PM |

I would catch a grenade for ya

  • I would catch a grenade for ya

Those darn kids are at it again. They’ve pissed out their windows, tossed plastic yogurt containers. “I’ve seen a bowl of cereal actually hit someone,” one resident claims. But now Clark Street passersby’s lives are at stake! A post on Yahoo’s Brooklyn Heights Parents board warned residents about what the Brooklyn Heights Blog is calling “The Soda Can Bomber”: someone in the dormitory at 55 Clark Street has been dropping “extra-large, full” cans of soda from windows in attempts to hit pedestrians. “The can was most certainly thrown from at least several stories up,” wrote the original poster, whose husband survived an attack by inches, “and could do serious damage if it were to hit a person or young child.”

The dorm is run out of the old St. George Hotel by non-profit EHS, which supplies affordable housing for students in NYC. Commenters at BHB are furious with EHS, but also with the police, who instead of devoting several hours to banging on doors, fingerprinting aluminum cans and confiscating nearby surveillance footage, if such footage exists, didn’t do nuthin’! Writes one cop in response:

Why the outrage at the cops and not the students who are actually responsible for it? […] Cops aren’t throwing things at anyone out of the St. George hotel.

Well…not yet, anyway.