Brooklyn Subway Station Falls Apart On Top Of Two Children

04/26/2011 4:22 PM |


Over the weekend, two children at the Brooklyn Museum station on the 2 and 3 lines were hospitalized by falling chunks of debris, the Prospect Heights Patch reports. The boys, aged 11 and 12, were headed for the library on Saturday with the 11-year-old’s mother (the 12-year-old is her boyfriend’s son) when the woman “heard the boys cry out and something heavy hit the Manhattan-bound platform.” She turned to see two bloodied pre-teens; the eldest boy required three stitches to his head, while the younger suffered bruising on his shoulder. They were treated at Kings County Hospital.

The MTA investigated and cited falling plaster as the cause. But the mother was unconvinced. “It wasn’t plaster. It was concrete. It was rocks!” she told Patch. “If it were plaster, they wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

Meanwhile, the 12-year-old is scarred emotionally as well as cranially. “I’m just gonna freak out if I ever have to ride the subway again,” he told Patch.