Brooklyn’s First Pop-Up Cafe Approved! Loss of One Whole Parking Space Not That Big a Deal, Actually

04/15/2011 2:40 PM |

The corner of Smith and Warren next month.

  • The corner of Smith and Warren next month.

Last year, when the city announced a plan to push their successful pop-up cafe pilot program into Brooklyn this summer, we worried that parking space scrooges with ruin everything—especially after only one spot in all of Brooklyn made it through the proposal process—but good news: the corner of Smith and Warren streets will get is pop-up sidewalk cafe!

Streetsblog reports that on Wednesday night Brooklyn’s Community Board 2 voted 18 in favor and 10 in opposition (plus 1 abstention) for the Cobble Hill pop-up, which will take up all of one parking space from the time it’s installed next month until it’s dismantled in October. The pop-up is sponsored by Ecopolis Cafe, which occupies that corner, and will pay the cost of putting up and dismantling the raise wooden platform and steel planter-barriers.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, aside from a couple pop-ups in Midtown, community boards are overwhelmingly picking parking over pop-up outdoor seating. Oh well, there’s always Parking Day.