Come see The Secret Science Club at the Final ACT4 of the season this Thursday

04/28/2011 12:00 PM |

Members of The Secret Science Club concur: ghosts are real.

  • The Secret Science Club concurs: ghosts are real.

You are cordially invited to the last ACT 4 of the season, our after-party series with The New York City OperaACT 4 is a fourth ring cocktail bar and lounge serving signature libations and featuring special guest performances from all cultural corners of the city. Each event is programmed to tie-in to a production during the season, providing a scintillating experience to keep the night going for culture seekers who want to keep the party going after the curtain falls. Admission is free with your ticket to the opera. Tickets are as low as $12.

Tonight, join us for a performance of Seance on a Wet Aftertoon and enjoy a special post-opera experience with The Secret Science Club. When the Seance is over, the Secret Science Club emerges with ghost-busting grooves and haunting experimentation. Special guests include Neuroscientist and composer Dave Sulzer, who will create music from brainwaves, while physics presenter David Maiullo combats the supernatural with a sledgehammer and pipettes. Opera guests will get their brain poked a little while helping themselves to Jack Daniels cocktails for our guests of legal drinking age to enjoy.

Check out the ACT 4 website to check out past acts, photos, and more. This is the last ACT 4 of the season and you won’t want to miss out. Buy your tickets, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, grab a drink and get cultured. We’ll be waiting on the 4th ring.