Community Board Approves Prospect Park West Bike Lane Improvements Unanimously

04/14/2011 2:41 PM |

Tweaks coming soon.

Despite the seemingly never-ending debate, the ridiculous lawsuit, the disputed data and the conflicting polls, Streetsblog reports that last night Brooklyn’s Community Board 6 voted unanimously in favor of the Department of Transportation’s proposed improvements to the lovely two-way bike lane on Prospect Park West.

About a month ago CB6’s transportation and public safety committees set the stage for last night’s vote when they gave their unanimous approval to the lane improvements put forward by the DoT in response to community feedback and criticism.

Those tweaks will include: raised concrete pedestrian islands at intersections, rumble strips (aka, speed bumps for bike lanes) near crosswalks, modified loading zones at 9th Street and a slightly narrowed buffer between parked cars and cyclists near Grand Army Plaza at the north end of the lanes. Additionally, CB6 requested that the DoT find additional parking spaces on PPW and side streets, and thoroughly monitor the improvements’ impacts over the next three years.

Lest his clients’ concerns go unheard, attorney Jim Walden of Gibson Dunn, who represents the groups suing the city for the lane’s removal, sent this aggravating hate mail to CB6 board chair Daniel Kummer and district manager Craig Hammerman. Enjoy:

Jim Walden Gibson Dunn Letter to CB6

Yeah, that probably didn’t help.