Controversial Leader of Brooklyn Young Republicans Won’t Seek New Term

04/06/2011 8:56 AM |


The controversial reformist leader of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club has decided not to run for a fourth term as the group’s president. Jonathan Judge has held that position since 2008, and presided over the recent revocation of the group’s charter by county party chair Craig Eaton, who has long seemed to resent the group for its endless criticisms of his leadership. Does Judge’s retirement have anything to do with the fact that his Young Republican Club is now, technically, unofficial?

“Not at all,” he wrote in an email. “We were quite aware from the time even before I was President that Eaton, in his full blown paranoia, was continuously looking at ways to get rid of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club over which he did not have direct control. Our internal strategy from the beginning was building the organization to be fully independent and self-sufficient in the event that a hostile chairman made such a hostile move. We have thoroughly succeeded on that front.” Judge noted that the group has made net gains in membership and donations since being stripped of its charter. “Now that one of our main internal priorities from the beginning has been met, we all agreed that the next step is to help a new administration take over with our continued participation and leadership in the club, albeit in different capacities.”

Judge added that since he took over, his administration has “attracted many new, energetic Young Republicans who have gained a tremendous amount of experience in grassroots politics, making us an invaluable resource in Brooklyn. These notable individuals have also given the club much of their time and energy to advance many of the issues we have been promoting over the years. Now it’s time for them to be promoted in the service of the organization and, by extension, the good people of Brooklyn.” Judge will be taking on a new role: Chairman of the Board of Directors. The former treasurer, Glenn Nocera, will step into the role of President.

“My job will be to oversee the administration of the club as a whole, as opposed to being responsible for the day-to-day administration of the club,” Judge wrote. “So despite the fact I’m not seeking a fourth term, I’m here to stay to pursue the next level of the work that we’ve started, much to the chagrin, I’m sure, of certain people in Brooklyn politics.”


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