DUMBO to Film Shoots: “Go Back to Tribeca!”

04/13/2011 11:31 AM |


Brooklyn neighborhoods are reaching their saturation points: as Williamsburg seeks a moratorium on new liquor licenses, DUMBO wants to ban film shoots. With newly built condo towers, as well as chunks of Washington, Water and Front streets constantly closed for water main repair, parking is already a challenge, residents allege, without film productions taking up precious spots, too.

As someone who shows up for work in DUMBO most days, I can attest the neighborhood does seem to have an inordinate number of film shoots, even just judging from the ubiquitous laminated, multi-colored fliers that adorn the neighborhood’s street poles. “In the past two weeks, at least six film and television productions—cop dramas, art flicks and even a Louis Vuitton commercial—have lensed the screen using DUMBO’s gritty industrial backdrop and sweeping city views,” the Brooklyn Paper reports.

DUMBO NYC explains how else such shoots affect the neighborhood:

Sometimes there are shootout scenes involving fake gunfire and explosions, or fake chalk lines and fake blood from a crime scene in last week’s filming of Prime Suspect. People don’t seem to mind as long as they know that these are fake scenes (we know from the many email tips we receive reporting what they believe are real ‘incidents’.)

Yes! Years ago, I saw a man sitting up against a fire hydrant in front of Bridge Fresh who looked like he was dead…until I got close enough to see it was a dummy, and that they were filming an episode of Rescue Me.

Also, DUMBO residents pay, on average, a billion dollars a month to rent their apartments, so they probably figure they at least deserve to park their car and walk into Peas and Pickles without having to dodge the stars of Gossip Girl.


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