Goose Advocates Protest Prospect Park Gala

04/05/2011 11:27 AM |


After decades of service, former Prospect Park honcho Tupper Thomas wishes she could go gently into the good night of retirement. Instead, the ghosts of hundreds of geese whose slaughter she oversaw last summer continue to haunt her. As members of the Brooklynerati gathered to pay tribute to Thomas, a gaggle of protesters gathered outside the tents assembled in the park, to remind attendees of the blood on their hands, the Park Slope Patch reports. One rallier “antagonized gala-goers” with information about Thomas’ culpability; others held signs and a painted canvas depicting the gassed geese.

Goose advocates have not let this issue die, as the park’s goose population continues to rise, and anxiety mounts over whether the city will carry out another mass killing. The Thomas protest came one week after supporters rallied in the park, joining hands around the lake in a show of solidarity with the water fowl.

In other goose news: As an April Fool’s joke, someone without much ostensible goose-sympathy emailed members of the media a link to a new city program called GeeseTime, which, like a similar program used to track buses with GPS, would keep tabs on the park’s goose population, “allow[ing] the continual monitoring of location, speed and each bird’s heading in relation to local airspace.”