Graffiti Artist Revok Arrested and Setenced to Six Months in Jail

04/27/2011 3:41 PM |

Revok MSK in New York

This sounds familiar because almost the exact same thing happened a year and a half ago: Los Angeles-based street artist and graffiti writer Revok—whose work is all over New York City, as above—was arrested last week at LAX and, the L.A. Times reports, has been handed a 180-day jail sentence.

Like Space Invader last week (and Smear last month), Revok (real name Jason Williams) had been putting up new pieces around L.A. in connection with the opening of Art in the Streets at MOCA (and coming to the Brooklyn Museum next year). He was apprehended last Thursday about to board a flight to Ireland.

“As a result of evidence discovered during his April 21 arrest, other incidents of vandalism were found in the county of Los Angeles,” said Capt. Mike Parker.

The sentence apparently had nothing to do with these new pieces, but rather the fact that Revok had violated the terms of his parole from a previous vandalism conviction by not paying sufficient restitution to his victims.

Not surprisingly, #FreeRevok is trending on Twitter (almost as much as #FreeAiWeiwei).