Guggenheim Prize-Winner Hans-Peter Feldmann Putting Prize Money on the Gugg’s Walls

04/28/2011 3:29 PM |

Hans-Peter Feldmann dollar bill installation Hugo Boss Prize Guggenheim museum

Last November German conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann won the Guggenheim’s Hugo Boss Prize, a distinction whose two major perks are a solo show at the Guggenheim, and $100,000 with which to create said exhibition. Feldmann’s plan for that cash? Use it as wallpaper.

The Times reports that for Feldmann’s forthcoming exhibition, which opens May 20 and continues through November 2, he’ll cover all the walls of a rotunda-adjacent gallery with 100,000 used $1 bills.

Such immersive, accumulative installations are familiar territory for the septuagenarian artist, whose most recent presentations in New York included a life-size photograph of a row of filled bookshelves, a collection of famous artists’ handprints at 303 Gallery, which represents his work, and the front pages of 100 newspapers from September 12, 2001 shown at the International Center of Photography in 2008.

The museum tells the Times that its handlers are expecting to spend 13 days pinning the bills to the walls, and extra security guards will be stationed in the gallery to keep visitors from grabbing the cash. Feldmann insisted that the bills be used to commemorate their daily use value, rather than new, crisp notes which could come off was a celebration of capitalism. Of course, when the show’s over, the 100,000 bills will be his.