New (Non-Manditory) Window Decals Warn Passengers Exiting Cabs to Watch for Cyclists

04/26/2011 3:40 PM |

Close that door!

  • Close that door!

Getting doored is probably the most common and certainly one of the most painful/deadly types of car-bicycle collisions, and common sense or any cyclist, myself included, will tell you that most doorings are caused by passengers exiting cabs without looking. But one conscientious Brooklyn taxi fleet operator’s effort to avoid accidents (and the insurance and repairs costs that come with them) has earned the support of cabbie colleagues and the city.

City Room reports that Warren Prosky of Brooklyn’s Yoyo Cab Corp designed the clear, 3.5 by 4 inches decals—which read “Please Exit Curbside and Watch For Cyclists”—and applied them to the passenger windows of his fleet of cabs. Eventually, other fleet operators brought the idea of the attention of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, which approved it last year for use in the city’s yellow cabs.

BUT, inexplicably, the small, strategically placed decal will not be made mandatory in all the city’s cabs. Currently, the only other measure warning riders to be careful about cyclists is a short video message on the Taxi TV (which most people turn off anyway, right?). The decal’s endorsement by the city seems unlikely to result in widespread adoption by every fleet.

David S. Yassky, the taxi commissioner, said in an interview. “We’re always on the hunt for modest improvements in street safety and curbside safety. I think it’s a nice idea.”

Not nice enough, apparently. Cyclists: keep keeping your distance from cabs.
(Streetsblog; Photo)