Noise Complaints Shut Down Coney Island Concert Series, Rest of Brooklyn

04/04/2011 1:14 PM |

Worshippers at The Sea Breeze Jewish Center

  • Worshippers at The Sea Breeze Jewish Center

Opposition from residents and two synagogues has derailed Marty Markowitz’s long-running concert series in Asser Levy Park, on the Coney Island-Brighton Beach border, the Brooklyn Paper reports. The series, which has featured acts like Brian Wilson and John Legend since 1991, will continue, Markowitz pledged, and probably in Coney Island, though no new venue has yet been named.

The defeat comes on the heels of news from Greenpoint that a flea market-concert series in development there would not happen, after some residents opposed it over fears of increased noise and traffic. In northern Park Slope, residents are battling the construction of a bar-nightclub-lounge, which residents worry will be too loud and open too late on the weekends.

In short, you can no longer make any noise in Brooklyn, even in the vicinity of an amusement park.

Commenters at the Brooklyn Paper put the issue in perspective. Writes “missy from gravesend”:

how sad for all of us in the surrounding area who get to enjoy the terror of living in southern brooklyn, the one good thing in our neighborhood during the summer is being taken away.a safe free entertaining way to spend a summer night without having to spend a hundred dollars is to much to ask of our city.thursday nights are pretty uneventful here so why dig your heels in on this one event?let us have one safe fun activity in this part of brooklyn.

“catherine from coney” expresses a similar sentiment:

as for all those crybabies complaining about the concerts get over your selves its one nite and its a great thing why the heck would you people choose 2 live in the heart of coney with all that goes on there if u cant take the heat get out of kitchen stop ur balling deal with it or move out

What such commenters forget is that some people have children, and other people just don’t like noise. And the whole point of living in a city is having the right to make other people stop having fun and be quiet because you want to go to bed.