So So Glo Guitarist Back On the Streets After Brief Arrest

04/22/2011 10:42 AM |


Ryan Levine, guitarist for the So So Glos, was arrested on Wednesday night and spent roughly 18 hours in jail. Between the four members, they now have six arrests—three of them just for drummer Zach Staggers—and have spent over 120 hours in jail. We got in touch with Staggers to find out what happened.

Ryan left Shea Stadium after practice to meet me at the Acheron, where our friend Fletcher C. Johnson was playing. I had texted Ryan, saying that Fletch is playing our favorite song and to run over, Acheron being a mere block from Shea. So Ryan decided to pour himself a whiskey with bitters in a cup. He drank the whole cup before he even got off of Meadow Street and thought he should get rid of it but didn’t want to litter—especially in his own neighborhood. As soon as he finished that thought, a cop stopped his car with the headlights on him and asked what’s in the cup, to which Ryan replied, “nothin’.” Then the cop smelled the empty cup searched his name, found some other dirt on him, and Ryan was arrested for open container. Quite a bullshit offense.

We didn’t find out until late [Thursday] that Ryan was between Brooklyn Central Booking and Red Hook Community Court. He is safe and sound and is considering fighting the tickets.