Soho Banksy Parody “Hanksy” Is an Internet Hit

04/13/2011 1:14 PM |

Banksy parody tag Hanksy in Soho

The Banksy-parodying wheatpaste and paint number “Hanksy“—which was spotted yesterday in Soho at Kenmare and Mott by Madeleine Pascal and made a big splash for its hilarious punchline—has more than nothing in common with another great Tom Hanks pun: the “T.Hanks” trash can at Vinnie’s Pizzeria on Bedford.


Hanksy and T.hanks are in a league of their own, and we sincerely hope this great graffiti pun isn’t cast away. As I type, a clever Hollywood executive is calling Tom Hanks to offer him the lead in the American remake of Exit Through the Gift Shop. (Original post, Wooster)