Street Artist Space Invader Busted in L.A.

04/21/2011 4:26 PM |

Space Invader in Williamsburg.

  • Space Invader in Williamsburg.

You’ve probably seen globetrotting French street artist Space Invader’s 8-bit video game-themed mosaics all around town (say, on the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges, near Brooklyn Bowl or at the corner of Bedford and South 5th, above), and this week he was in Los Angeles along with the rest of the street art world for the opening of L.A. MOCA’s Art in the Streets—coming to Brooklyn in 2012—where the secretive artist has been detained by the LAPD.

The Los Angeles Times reports that two Frenchmen were apprehended on Friday at a building in Little Tokyo, near where MOCA is located, with pieces of bright tile and buckets of grout—Space Invader’s raw materials. They were released over the weekend while the investigation continued, and the pair is thought to have flown back to France—but not before putting up a number of pieces near MOCA and inside the actual exhibition.

Firstly, that’s some Banksy-caliber craftiness, having a second person with you at all times so that even the cops can’t reveal once and for all who is the actual Space Invader (unless they both are…). Secondly, this augurs well for Brooklyn’s street art scene, come Art in the Streets‘s arrival at the Brooklyn Museum in March of next year—depending, of course, on the NYPD’s handling of the situation.

(Photo: Matthew Kraus/Flickr)