Ziggy Plays the iPhone

04/07/2011 12:19 PM |

David Bowie announced this week that he’ll be releasing eight isolated intrumental/vocal tracks from his 1975 single “Golden Years” as an iPhone app June 6th. It’ll be his second gift to citizen mixology—last year, he offered up tracks from “Space Oddity” to iPhone users, as this video demonstrates above.

But…meh. Even in a culture of iPhone app fetishism (Words with Friends, anyone?), there’s something kind of fatiguing and deceptive about this iPhone app. It’s very E-Z Bake Oven for Music Nerd Adults—kind of like giving a little kid a plastic box and sugar packets and telling them he or she is a fancy-pantsy pastry chef. Still, it was always fun to make brownies in that stupid plastic box. Even if no one ate them because they tasted like styrofoam.