A Treehouse Grows in DUMBO

05/23/2011 8:57 AM |

Treehouse installation in Dumbo (photo by Robert Holden).

  • Treehouse installation in Dumbo (photo by Robert Holden).

During last weekend’s New York Photo Festival a collective of tree fort-dwellers arrived on the walls, roofs and scaffolding in Dumbo, a public installation of a series by Paris-based photographer Robert Holden. The images of nearly-nude commune members and lush jungle vegetation mark a sharp contrast gainst the prime post-industrial architecture.

On his website, Holden describes the subjects of his Treehouse series as:

People who choose to live differently and manage to find happiness and satisfaction by carrying an existence where the highest values are not monetizable.

So, the exact opposite of Silicon Beach, in other words. Or as the project curators, VAMOS Architects, put it, “We see the project as the juxtaposition of two extreme environments.”

Here’s a handy neighborhood map of the places where those two extreme environments meet. Treehouse will be on view throughout Dumbo through May 31.

Dumbo Robert Holden map treehouse