Beyoncé Releases Stupid Video for That Stupid Song About Girls, Not Women, Ruling the World

05/19/2011 12:51 PM |

Although, fine, maybe that headline is a bit harsh. The song, while completely vapid and riddled with all sorts of silly platitudes, has a rousing enough chorus, I guess, and a sentiment you have to be kind of a dick to take issue with, as well as a pleasantly skittish beat that’s just perfect for the type of dancing Beyoncé does so well. Speaking of which, the choreography in the video is impressive—that part in the beginning where she does the crazy shit with her shoulders? I could watch that all day. Not so much the part where she gives the blurred-out finger, because, duh, that shit is below her.

One Comment

  • It might be worthwhile to point out that one of the only positive things to say about this song – the “pleasantly skittish beat” – is not Beyonce’s doing, but rather lifted directly from Major Lazer… not remixed, not parts just sampled, but nearly the entirety of “Pon De Floor” with her inane lyrics on top of it. Beyonce is better than this. I’d rather just listen to the original.