Bin Laden’s Death Delays Unveiling of Ai Weiwei Sculpture

05/02/2011 4:07 PM |

(Photo: Sarah Goulet/ArtInfo)

A ceremony was to be held today at the Pulitzer Fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel for the unveiling of still-missing Chinese artist-activist Ai Weiwei’s monumental “Zodiac Heads/Circle of Animals” installation, but because a certain world-historical event is monopolizing the mayor’s time today, the sculptures will remain creepily hooded until later this week.

The postponement was announced this morning via the monument’s Twitter, and ArtInfo confirmed with the city that Mayor Bloomberg’s Bin Laden-related press conference will be keeping him very busy for the next few days.

Sadly, the slight delay doesn’t do much for Ai Weiwei’s chances of attending his own opening. After being apprehended in early April at Beijing airport and held for “economic crimes,” he allegedly confessed to some kind of tax fraud during torture which, obviously, people who are being physically and psychologically traumatized will only tell the truth in order to make the abuse stop. Keep an eye on @ZodiacHeads for an announcement regarding the new rescheduled ceremony.

(ArtInfo, CultureGrrl)