“Brooklyn” Among Most Popular Girls Names…in Utah!

05/16/2011 2:03 PM |


Last year, the 34th most popular name for girls in America was “Brooklyn,” no thanks to new parents in New York, where people know that while the borough may be cool (totally!), naming your child after it certainly is not. Brooklyn wasn’t even in the top 100 names among baby girls in New York, the Post reports, but in western states like North and South Dakota, it was the sixth most common, helping to account for the more than 6,000 new children who now bear that name.

The reasoning is unclear—celebrity influence, perhaps?—but the Post found someone in Utah, where the name was also the sixth most popular, who made it an issue of patriotism!

“Everyone in the country has an emotional connection to what happened on 9/11, and Utah is a pretty patriotic state,” said Josh Mills, 35, mayor of Herriman, Utah, whose daughter Brooklyn was born in 2002. “When we were picking out names, we wanted to commemorate the spirit of the city. It’s not Manhattan, but it’s close.”

Hahahaha—what?? The only sillier thing than that is the inevitable Marty Markowitz quote. “The name connotes edgy, innovative and brash,” he told the paper. “What parent wouldn’t want to call their kid Brooklyn?” Is that an invitation to start making a list? Feel free to submit your name to the DO NOT NAME registry in the comments below.


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  • brash, adj. 1. self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way

    Call me old fashioned, but I don’t really want my little girl having a name that sounds “edgy” or “brash.” my guess is that people naming their children Brooklyn have never been here.

  • Maybe Bayridge, as a middle name… Maybe.

  • or maybe Abbottabad, since we’re such big patriots. Or, you know, some town close to there.

  • Im gonna name my daughter Manhattan. Strange thing is there not a graffiti artist name utah from utah who resides in brooklyn ?

  • Maybe they could name their kids Winifred Teresa Catherine, so their initials will be WTC.