Deitch Projects Successor The Hole Moving to Bowery

05/26/2011 11:29 AM |

(Photo by Bowery Boogie.)

  • (Photo by Bowery Boogie.)

After the departure of Jeffrey Deitch for Los Angeles and the MOCA directorship in 2009, two vets of his Soho gallery Deitch Projects—Kathy Grayson and Meghan Coleman—took it upon themselves to continue in that vein of large-scale, project-driven and aggressively hip gallery by starting The Hole. That gallery launched in Soho, and has been dormant for the better part of a year, but will reopen at 312 Bowery with an exhibition by FriendsWithYou on June 9.

Grayson revealed the location in a blog post Tuesday, and this morning Bowery Boogie posted photos of the storefront on Bowery at East 1st Street, two doors up from the Bowery Poetry Club, with a piece of paper in the window confirming the move.

The new space will open on June 9 with FriendsWithYou’s emoticon-titled exhibition 🙂, which runs through August 6 and sounds very much in keeping with past Hole shows. From FriendsWithYou’s website:

This summer, FriendsWithYou will fill The Hole gallery NYC with a crowd of smiling faces and an interactive, experiential wonderland of pop-straction and participation.

Past the spinning neon candies on the storefront windows, you will find a garden of colorful beings raise up around you. Skip over smiling puddles on the gallery floor to see giggle sticks, smirking smoke flumes, splat-happy wall works and a grinning ghost or two. In the left rear gallery, kinetic painting blink at you from the walls as their heads roll around each other. On the right, a massive chandelier of an inflatable sculpture fills the room with energy and light.

Incidentally, “pop-straction” is your word of the day. Use it as often as possible.